Oct 29, 2018

Dear tango friends!
Viva Tango is going on a hiatus for the holiday season. We are also looking for a new location – our beloved studio Gallery 814 is closing its doors. We are looking for another location, hoping to find a convenient and cosy place for all the participants to enjoy their tango on Tuesday nights. We have one more evening at the Gallery – and it’s tomorrow, Tuesday October 30th. 
It’s going to be free for all participants – our treat! Looking forward to seeing you – and feel free to bring friends! We will tango on!

Jul 19, 2018

These tips are useful but they missed one really important one: DON’T LOOK LIKE A TOURIST! I’ve been to B.A. many times, stayed mostly in San Telmo and later on Avenida de Mayo in Congresso, walked home from a milonga in San Telmo after 1 am – and never got in any trouble. Yes, those were different times... But a fellow tanguero form Germany was robbed of his wallet in a broad daylight in a middle of downtown during those “different” times simply because his outfit was screaming “I am a tourist”: among “classically” dressed locals in a monochrome colours of B.A. fall he looked like a canary on a walk... 
Any tip is useful when visiting Buenos Aires – but the main suggestion is to use your common sense!



Dec 19, 2016

Happy Holidays_2016!

Viva Tango classes are on a hiatus until January 3, 2017! Enjoy the holiday break!

Oct 27, 2016

The Dark Side of Dance Addiction

This is a very important article for every dancer to read! Please take a couple of minutes to do so!


Oct 6, 2016

Paradiso’s Annual Black & White Ball_Dec.2, 2016

An event to remember, for sure – with a demo by Graciela Gonzalez & Leonardo Sardella (Buenos Aires) AND our guest d.j. Yesim (N.Y.C.)! Hope to see you there!

Graciela Gonzales & Leonardo Sardella_December 2016!

I am very happy to announce that my friend and maestra (of maestros!) Graciela Gonzalez is coming to Toronto again! She will partner with a renown dancer and teacher Leonardo Sardella for a demo at Paradiso during our annual Black & White Ball (Dec. 2) and for weekend workshops (Dec. 3-4): a not-to-be-missed event! Here is the flyer!