Dec 19, 2016

Happy Holidays_2016!

Viva Tango classes are on a hiatus until January 3, 2017! Enjoy the holiday break!

Oct 27, 2016

The Dark Side of Dance Addiction

This is a very important article for every dancer to read! Please take a couple of minutes to do so!

Oct 6, 2016

Paradiso’s Annual Black & White Ball_Dec.2, 2016

An event to remember, for sure – with a demo by Graciela Gonzalez & Leonardo Sardella (Buenos Aires) AND our guest d.j. Yesim (N.Y.C.)! Hope to see you there!

Graciela Gonzales & Leonardo Sardella_December 2016!

I am very happy to announce that my friend and maestra (of maestros!) Graciela Gonzalez is coming to Toronto again! She will partner with a renown dancer and teacher Leonardo Sardella for a demo at Paradiso during our annual Black & White Ball (Dec. 2) and for weekend workshops (Dec. 3-4): a not-to-be-missed event! Here is the flyer!

Apr 14, 2016



Our Paradiso team (myself, Patricia and Mark) is very grateful to all of you – our local tangueros/tangueras, all the organizers and teachers who showed up last Friday – for attending our 19th anniversary celebration and for making it a success! We will never get tired saying how much we appreciate your on-going support – you give us reasons for our Friday nights every time we run Paradiso Milonga! Big special “Thank You” to our friend Yesim who was our wonderful d.j. and Adriana and Orlando for their sparkling fireworks demo! 

These past 19 years flew by but we still remember the highlights: the great Buenos Aires maestros/maestras we brought over, the orchestras, the various d.j.s and the performers! And, most importantly, meeting with you, our tango friends – and dancing, dancing, dancing! We did it, as our logo says, “for the love of tango” and in return it enriched our lives and, hopefully, yours too! So we are going to continue our passion: for all of you and for tango! Here is to the next big celebration – our 20th anniversary on April 7 in 2017!

Mar 9, 2016


Dear tango friends,
This is a milestone – in human life or in the life of a milonga! After 19 years, we are still going strong! Thank you for staying with us all this time! Hope to see you at our celebration!

Jul 9, 2015

Eduardo Cappussi and Mariana Flores – great milonga masters!

Does anybody want to see a great example of a milonga?! Here it is – by none other than great Eduardo Cappussi and Mariana Flores of Buenos Aires! For some reason, there was no YouTube link so I am posting a link to my FB page. Hope you enjoy it!

And here is another one – their really famous performance: