Tango Principles by Graciela Gonzalez

Graciela's tango-specific principles (summarized by Julia von Flotow with input from Lori & Joyce):

  1. Have confidence in yourself - to entrust yourself to another

  2. To follow your feelings (not your thoughts)

  3. To open to and receive the ground - (open your feet and receive the ground)

  4. Feel the connection between “el perineo“ and the diaphragm/solar plexus - to centre, connect with, activate and manage your energy from the inside out (“zipper” analogy) - energy moving up like a fountain from perineum to hands

  5. To be fully present, aware and in contact with the ground throughout the dance (the foot of the loose leg stays connected to the ground)

  6. The loose leg belongs to your partner

  7. Energy directed to 1st floor balcony - to the person with whom you really want to dance

  8. The more active upward-flowing energy, the better your balance

  9. Arms, hands, posture, balance is the woman's problem - no weight in arms on man's shoulders

  10. Legs like oil - don't think about or with the legs

  11. “Lioness” resides in perineum