Feb 23, 2015

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Notes and thoughts about tango.

This is an old entry from a Tango List that I kept in my archives. I will be posting more as I go along cleaning and updating them.

This is an old entry from the Tango List. Oldie buy goodie... I will be posting more as I rediscover them in my files.
“According to Raul Jaurena, the 2007 Grammy Award Winner and bandoneon player, there are 2 styles of Tango and Milonga: 1 from Uruguay and 1 from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The difference consists in that the Tango and Milonga from Uruguay has more cadence, is played a bit slower, and has pauses due to
its lasting connection to African roots, while the Tango and Milonga from BA are played a bit faster, and I think has no or fewer pauses.
Raul Jaurena has a cd called "Te Amo Tango" where he offers samples of the style of Tango and Milonga from Uruguay. The Milongas are : "El Botija" and "La Pirulita". The Tangos are: "Guruyense" and "A Mancuso".
The late Florindo Sassone said that the real Tango is played strong and played in a Milonga syle. In a live recording and in his last tour to Japan, Florindo briefly made this remark when he played the tango called "La Clavada": it was played with cadence, and a bit slower than other interpretations I have heard from him, and from other Argentine Tango bands.
Vicente Rossi in his book "Cosas de Negros" tracks the roots of Tango to the Milonga from Uruguay, which, he explains, was edited by Argentine musicians into Tango. A case in point was the use of parts of popular Milongas, which had no author, that were used in creating new Tango music.”

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